Osiris is a stock management software developed by Agricultura y Ensayo S.L. It covers the specific needs of test units that work with field trials through a customized solution.

Osiris allows the management of experimental samples by:

  • Complete control of the available stock
  • Online registration of the movements of the samples
  • Online monitoring of the traceability of stored products
  • Management of the distribution of samples
  • Notice of expired or near expired containers
  • Web Application

It should be noted that the innovative of all this management, is that Osiris, unlike other stock management software, allows controlling the stock for the content in each package and not for the container itself as a physical unit. So it will allow a much more accurate control that requires a management of this type of products.

It allows having all the information in a single database, from which daily backups are made. That allows a very effective management of stock stored. In addition, Osiris has an IT hosting from which it can be available, through a browser, for the user anywhere in the world.

Maintenance and security are covered.



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