Cookies Policy


“Cookies” are small pieces of information that allow us to recognize our customers and try to give them the best shopping experience. With them, for example, we can identify the users while making the purchase and in this way, keep the items chosen in the cart without having to be purchased at the time of inclusion. Also to know how many times they visit us.

The data collected by cookies helps us to improve our website and offer the user an optimal service.

Cookies do not contain any personal information and most browsers accept them automatically. In any case, if the user does not wish to be recognized, it is possible to configure the browser for non-acceptance, without this implying any impediment to access our Website.

Cookies offer you the possibility to take advantage of many of the essential functions of

To continue without changes in the configuration of cookies, simply continue on the web page.

Types of cookies that we use on our website:

  • Technical cookies: They allow you to identify yourself when you register or authenticate on our website, offer product recommendations, show you personalized content, keep a record of the products stored in your basket and allow you to consult and manage your orders.
  • Personalization cookies: They allow to personalize the functions or contents of the Web site based on the data obtained from the browser, such as the language.
  • Analysis cookies: Used to collect and maintain statistics of the visits made in, allowing us to carry out diagnostic analyzes to improve the content, products and services. We mainly highlight the cookies generated by the Google Analytics tracking script.
  • Advertising and behavioral advertising cookies: Improve the effectiveness of advertising spaces. Cookies have been incorporated for Google’s advertising network.

How to disable Cookies in the most used browsers:

In some browsers you can configure rules to manage cookies per site, which gives you more precise control over your privacy. This means that you can disable cookies from all sites except those you trust:

  • Google Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content settings. For more information, you can check Google support or browser Help.
  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings. For more information, you can consult Microsoft support or browser Help.
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Settings. For more information, you can check Mozilla support or browser Help.
  • Safari: Preferences -> Security. For more information, you can check Apple support or browser Help.

You can get more information about cookies and their use at